Ultra-high resolution for printing intricate details

Micro-precision 3D printers use the micro stereolithography technique to produce features on items that would be impossible to acquire using conventional methods. Micro 3D printing allows us obtain a surface finish of up to 0.4µm Ra on top surfaces and 1.5µm on side walls by printing at 10µm layers. 10µm 3D printing provides a degree of precision and accuracy that allows for the fabrication of the most difficult micro items.

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High precision for maintaining tight tolerances

The IPFL micro3D system’s high-resolution optical technology delivers a step-and-repeat approach for production-ready throughput and approval-ready precision. As a consequence, very exact 3D printed items are produced. The technology continuously adjusts print parameters as part of our approach to provide the best outcomes possible.

Also see: ipfl.co.uk/micro-3d-printing

high precision micro 3d printing

Prototype and production ready

Our micro 3D printing technology is capable of ultra-high resolution, large-area printing, which is commonly utilised in industrial prototypes and short-run manufacturing. Because of the combination of ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision, more complicated, accurate, and repeatable components are possible.

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Macro 3D Printing

The IPFL on demand 3D Printing Service has invested in cutting-edge 3D printing technology to provide you with groundbreaking plastic Rapid Prototyping Services that use Polyjet, FDM, HP MJF, and SLA 3D Printing technology. We 3D print your prototype in your selected material using your CAD data and have it cleaned and ready for you in 48 hours.

We have access to a wide range of 3D Printing materials, and our experienced technical staff is available to assist you with material selection based on your needs, so if you don’t find your answer in our 3D Printing material pages, please give our team a call to assist you with your decision.

Macro 3D printing
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