To meet the most rigorous standards, we use the most recently developed materials for our micro 3D printing services. Investigate the resources that are currently accessible for your project. We have a material to fit your need, whether it is for biocompatible micro 3D printing, robust manufacturing components, or high temperature parts.

HTL Black & Yellow

HTL is a high-performance engineering material with excellent strength, rigidity, and heat resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 114°C. HTL engineering material, when used in load bearing applications, provides outstanding strength, stiffness, and heat resistance, opening up new options in tooling, dies, and fixtures for precision components in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics sectors. HTL Datasheet

RG Yellow

RG is a long-lasting engineering material that may be used to print functioning end-of-life parts. It is biocompatible, does not absorb water, and is appropriate for a wide range of applications including electrical casings, medical devices, snap fits, and functional prototypes. RG Datasheet


UTL has a high toughness and elongation for applications requiring a greater level of ductility. UTL is ideal for high-volume manufacturing components in the electronics sector because it can withstand continuous wear and tear in tough applications. UTL Datasheet

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